Pre-nuptials photography instructions

Tulle and Grace Pre-nuptials photography instructions

A wedding is one of the most special and memorable moments in the life of a man and a woman who are genuinely in love with each other. They are called upon the sacrament of marriage in order to establish their own family and later teach their children to be faithful in God and become good sons and daughters. Making this occasion most memorable is in the hands of the wedding photographer who will capture each candid moment that will never be repeated again in the lives of the new couple.

It is, therefore, a must that the wedding photographer be given early or prior instructions before the ceremony begins. This ensures that the images to be taken will be treasured by everyone who will bear witness to the exchange of vows. The steps or guidelines must be clear and specific so that the photographer will remember everything in his mind.

Here are a few of the things to tell your wedding photographer:

Coming an hour early before the ceremony

It is important for wedding photographers to be punctual since they will be documenting the occasion from start to finish. There should be no stone left unturned in order for the newly-weds to cherish each moment for the rest of their lives.

Preparing extra or spare for all the necessities

It is a known fact that the slightest detail or the smallest item to be considered during a special occasion is the one often forgotten. Batteries, for example, are crucial for cameras since power does not last long if used consecutively on one event. Chargers and memory cards are also very significant in taking more pictures and providing soft copies of important wedding images. In addition, cords and extension wires are also essential requirements, especially when the coverage needs to be extended outdoors for a more natural effect.

Wearing comfortable clothes during the coverage

Wedding photographers must not forget that the most critical persons for the occasion are the bride and the groom. Funny as it may seem when those who are assigned to capture images are the ones in their best suits or tie. However, this rare and honest mistake can be overlooked. First, photographers may have permission to look nice, because they are professionals. Second, they are invited as guests; thus, it’s fair to allow them to be presentable.

Telling photographers to do their best as motivation

People responsible for getting the amazing and excellent images are humans, too. They have feelings that when appreciated or trusted to do the best that they can do, they will perform at their best. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing someone saying we are best at what we do, and people believe in our talents and other capabilities.

The last but not the least is sincerely requesting your wedding photographer to make you look handsome in all angles and of course, including your better half.